About Growler Grabber

I bike to class, work, the grocery store, the bars, the mountains, the next town over, and every now and then I go touring for a week or two. I also have a minor vendetta against plastic water bottles, especially in exposed warm sunny conditions. Enter my not strictly beer holding growler. When I was preparing for my first bike tour, I realized I needed a convenient way to carry my growler on my bike. Enter the Mark I Growler Grabber. Over the last 5000 miles I’ve gone from the first Growler Grabber design I made in my garage out of an old oven rack to the stainless-steel precision bent beast of the final design. Everywhere I go I make sure to grab my growler and the few times I forgot to I’ve missed it dearly. To be personally honest, 99% of the time my Growler Grabber is the best water bottle cage I could ask for. The other 1% it is the only beer bottle cage I could ask for. That’s just me I’m sure everyone will have their own ratio of water to beer time in this multi-use vessel mount. Heck, I ran out of room in my bike bags one day at the store and stuck a jar of pickles in my Growler Grabber.
Questions addressing concerns I’ve heard or concerns I think people may have.

Doesn’t glass break?
-Yes glass breaks, but I’ve put my growler through thousands of miles of often bumpy terrain, more bike crashes then I will admit, and even one time when my growler fell out of my backpack onto pavement; and the only time I have ever managed to break a growler was by putting it in a cold puddle of water on a cold concrete table on a cold day and pouring boiling hot water in it. If you plan on doing this I’d suggest those newfangled stainless growlers they’ve got out there.

Do you have to stop biking to take a drink?
-Not at all. I’ve got the one hand system down where I hold my growler with two fingers, take the lid off and hold it with two more, and still have a finger to spare as I balance it against my wrist to take a sip. This doesn’t work so well with the non amber growlers but to each their own. How do the clear glass and stainless steel growlers fit? -The Growler Grabber fits these just as snug.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Growler Grabber

Features stainless steel tubing with rubber grommets to hold your growler in place and keep it from rattling. Grabber carries glass or stainless steel growlers.


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